(Facts and Sub-Facts)


MEMBERS AND EX MEMBERS OF: Warpaint, Starlite Desperation, Dante Vs Zombies, Sex Stains, Detroit Cobras, Dura Delinquent, Jail Weddings, Swahili Blonde, Brass Tax, Ivory Deville, Black Pony, and Sugar and Gold. ( Oozelles has NO affiliation with Neo Globs.)

SOUNDS LIKE:  A stickier, sub tropical Birthday Party, Contortions or CAN ghost writing for The Gun Club or The Flesh Eaters.

THE LYRICS ARE ABOUT: Human trafficking, secret doors at weddings, war criminals in mental hospitals, hippie arson, premature burial, vampire sugar parents, pathetic, blood soaked manifestos,  and pit bulls attacking pizza delivery drivers.

THEIR NAMES AND ROLES ARE: Dante White Aliano (vocals, guitar), David Orlando (Drums), Jada Wagensomer (Bass), Samuel Banuelos (Guitar, Keys, percussion), Gregory Marino (Saxophone, Flute, Electronic Wind Instrument), Phillip Minnig (Guitar)

THEY RESIDE: In Los Angeles.

THEY HAVE JUST FINISHED: A 10 song LP called “Every Night They Hack Off A Limb”. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Dante White Aliano at The Cone, a Los Angeles studio somewhere between the old Bob Baker Marionette Theater and the desolate exteriors of the Sci-Fi film, “They Live”.